Plantservice (EN)

Hans van Horssen offers the option of supplying all plants that are laid down in the planting plan. He ensures that the plants are planted according to the planting plan or plant them in the garden with you.

Guaranteed plant quality!

The best result is achieved when the designer is involved in the realisation of the garden. Hans offers the plant service, in which context he supplies the plants and ensures that your garden is planted professionally in accordance with the planting plan.

In other words: no worries about the quality of the plants, the delivery and the planting!

How does it work?

You receive a specified, no-obligation quotation on the basis of the planting plan. The following items are included in the quotation: a detailed plant list, soil improvement products, organic fertilisers, attachment materials and labour costs.

Another option is to plant your garden together with Hans van Horssen. He ensures that the plants are placed at the right location in the garden, and under his leadership and advice you can then get to work yourself. Planting is fun to do, you immediately get useful gardening advice, and it also saves on costs!

After planting, garden maintenance is extremely important to ensure the success of the project. You will receive maintenance advice with the planting plan, but if you nevertheless need help in practice, ask about the options in the area of garden maintenance.