Planting Plan

A planting plan is an essential part of a garden design. Simply stated, this is a detailed representation of which plant will be placed in which place. In addition, factors such as soil type, sun shade, color and flowering time are also taken into account.

Your planting plan made to measure

An important part of garden design is a well thought out planting plan; a detailed plan showing which plant will be located where. This takes account of factors such as soil type, sun/shade, dry/humid, the colour and blossoming period, and of course your budget.

The start

Firstly, the location is analysed carefully in order to select the most suitable plants for you. Based on this selection, a well thought out planting plan is then drawn up.

Plants can make an impression in various ways: through their beautiful flowers, their coloured or variegated leaves, an exceptional leaf shape or an unusual growth method. A combination of plants with various characteristics gives the border a natural look.