Planting Plan

A planting plan is an essential part of a garden design. In simple terms, this is a detailed representation of which plant will be placed in which location. Making a planting plan is specialist work: see it as a large, but fun puzzle to ultimately create a plan that fits in with the garden design. Knowledge, expertise and experience are required to make a suitable planting plan. So outsource it to a professional.

Your customized planting plan

Making a customized planting plan is the expertise of Hans van Horssen. With the right knowledge and experience, he ensures that the planting plan matches the garden design. Every garden design is unique and so is every planting plan that Hans makes.

When drawing up the planting plan, various factors are taken into account, such as the type of soil, sun-shade, dry-damp, color & flowering time and of course the budget. This results in a planting plan that fits in well with the characteristics of the garden and the plants and of course in line with your wishes.

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A planting plan by Hans van Horssen

With his 35 years of experience in the garden industry, Hans has already drawn up numerous planting plans for both private and business customers. He makes planting plans for private individuals, companies, landscape architects and municipalities. Curious about his work? View the examples below or take a look at his portfolio.

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Example floor plan planting plan:


Example Feature List:

You will receive a list of characteristics with the planting plan in which all information about the plant can be found. You will also find more general information and advice about fertilization and maintenance here.

Website HvH.jpg

Plants can impress in different ways: with their beautiful flowers, the colored or variegated leaves, a special leaf shape or with a typical growth habit.
A combination of plants with different characteristics gives the border a natural look.

Example Flowering Schedule:

Another part of the planting plan is a flowering schedule. Here you can see the overview of flowering times. The flowering times are spread over the entire year as much as possible.

Bloeischema Beatrixpark.JPG

In short, on the basis of the planting plan (with list of characteristics and flowering schedule) you can see exactly which plants will be placed in which place in the garden. The list of characteristics ensures that you learn more about the plants and know how to maintain them. Finally, a flowering schedule is also included so that you get a clear picture of the periods in which the different plants grow.

Have a planting plan drawn up by Hans van Horssen?

Do you create garden designs and are you looking for an expert who can make a suitable planting plan based on your garden design? Please feel free to contact Hans. During the meeting you can discuss your wishes and how Hans can meet your wishes.

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