Garden Design

Do you have a new home whose garden has yet to be fully furnished or are you just ready for a completely renovated garden? Then you can have a garden design made by Hans van Horssen. A garden design is made based on your wishes and ideas, combined with the expertise of Hans.


Do you already know what your dream garden will look like? Or are you looking for ideas? After the existing situation and all the wishes have been assessed, an exclusive garden design is expertly put together. You can already have a virtual look at your future garden, with 3D impressions!


Hans works to provide a design which reflects your personality, while at the same time pleasantly surprising you. A complete plan, including a well thought out planting plan, with which you or the gardener can immediately get to work. You can find more information on this page: laying out gardens

How does it take place?

The first step is to assess your wishes on the basis of a checklist. During this discussion, Hans will advise you on material use, such as paving, garden lighting, garden furniture, ornaments and, of course, you will receive advice on the plants.