During the winter months, Hans likes to share his knowledge about plants with others in the form of lectures that are entirely devoted to the Dutch Wave. Here he explains more about the movement based on his own garden photography. The lectures take place at various locations in the country.

The garden in all seasons

In the winter months Hans gives the lecture: "The garden in all seasons" and during this lecture you will also get a look behind the scenes of De Vlinderhof.

This public garden was designed by Piet Oudolf and was laid out in the Maximapark in Leidsche Rijn - Utrecht.

The special thing about this garden is that it was created on a residents' initiative. Both construction and maintenance are provided by volunteers.


Dutch Wave

During the lecture, an explanation will be given about the complex planting plan and the method of planting. The presentation relates to the plant style "Dutch Wave". By means of many photos Hans shows how beautiful this dynamic plant style can be throughout the season. Not only the main bloom is captivating, but also the fall foliage and beauty of the decay.

On this evening he will also show his own work, which is inspired by the 'Dutch Wave' plant style.

Hans gets his inspiration mainly from nature. Using beautiful nature photos, he shows how the inspiration gained can be translated to the garden.

Due to the Corona crisis, all lectures have been canceled.

Lectures 2020


February 4

Groei & Bloei - Echt

March 9

Groei & Bloed - Liemers

March 24

Groei & Bloei - Aalten

November 4

Vrouw van Nu - Herwijnen

November 10

Groei & Bloei - Kampen

November 17

Groei & Bloei - Waalwijk

November 18

Groei & Bloei - Hoekse Waard