Garden photography

Hans van Horssen's passion for plants is not only expressed in professional garden designs, but also in taking beautiful photos. With this he has won several photo competitions and awards.

Eye for detail!

In addition to being a garden designer, Hans van Horssen is also a garden photographer.

His knowledge of nature, his eye for detail, his feel for ambience and his creativity form an excellent basis for the taking of exceptional photos.


In the past, Hans van Horssen won various photo competitions, and recently won a finalist award in London at the IGPOTY 2016: ‘International Garden Photographer of the Year‘.

The award competition consisted of various categories, including the ‘Beauty of Plants’.

Hans’s specialism is in this category, and he won the finalist award.

The IGPOTY 2016 exhibition with all the prize-winning photos was opened in February in the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew in London, and is subsequently travelling around various large cities in the world

Impression of his photography?

Get an idea of Hans's photography. Below is a small selection of his photos so you can see what he has photographed.