Here you can find the different services offered by Hans van Horssen. He offers the full service regarding the design of your garden. From a 3D garden design to a planting plan with the option to supplement this with our plant service.
In addition, Hans uses his knowledge to capture gardens as a garden photographer and during the winter months he likes to share his knowledge during a lecture.

Garden design

Do you already know what your dream garden will look like? Or are you looking for ideas? After the existing situation and all the wishes have been assessed, an exclusive garden design is expertly put together. You can already have a virtual look at your future garden, with 3D impressions!

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Planting plan

An important part of garden design is a well thought out planting plan; a detailed plan showing which plant will be located where. This takes account of factors such as soil type, sun/shade, dry/humid, the colour and blossoming period, and of course your budget.



The best result is achieved when the designer is involved in the realisation of the garden. Hans offers the plant service, in which context he supplies the plants and ensures that your garden is planted professionally in accordance with the planting plan.

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Garden photography

In addition to being a garden designer, Hans van Horssen is also a garden photographer.

His knowledge of nature, his eye for detail, his feel for ambience and his creativity form an excellent basis for the taking of exceptional photos.



Hans is available as a guest lecturer for KMTP departments and gardening clubs, with the lecture:

The garden in all seasons.

A photo lecture about the ‘Dutch Wave’ plant style and De Vlinderhof.

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