Special trees in the garden

Special trees in the garden

Trees bring several benefits to humans. They are good for health, purify the air and create shade on sunny days. In addition, trees (and shrubs) can be a real eye-catcher in the garden. In this blog we will tell you more about Hans van Horssen's favorite trees and shrubs.

Special or rare plants in your garden

Hans likes to use special or rare plants in his designs. Shrubs or trees that not everyone has in their garden.

The shrubs or trees can be used as solitaries. This means that they are given space in a planting area, surrounded by lower plants, so that the plant is more visible and therefore receives more attention. This makes the trees and shrubs really eye-catching and become the eye-catchers of the garden.

These are Hans van Horssen's 7 favorites

1. Hamamelis x intermedia "Arnold Promise" - Witch hazel

This shrub, with a height of about 3 meters, can be recognized by the abundant flowering in late January / early February. The "Arnold Promise" blooms with flowers of up to 3 cm in diameter and this Hamamelis also has a beautiful autumn color!

Hamamelis herfstbeeld.jpg

2. Cercis siliquastrum "Forest Pansy"

This North American shrub is also called a "Judas tree" and is characterized by the striking pink butterfly flowers that grow on the branches and even on the trunk in spring. The tree grows to a height of 8 to 10 meters and a maximum width of 6 meters. This shrub also has a beautiful autumn appearance.

Cercis_ bloei.jpg
Cercis bloem op tak.jpg

3. Liquidambar orientale

This oval-shaped tree can grow up to 15 meters high. The tree has green leaves that turn yellow in the fall. Yellow-green flowers grow on the tree between April and May, and spiky brown fruits develop after flowering.

4.x Sycoparrotia semidecidua "Purple Haze"

x Sycoparrotia is a cross between Parrotia and Sycopsis. It is related to the Hamamelis.

This shrub, with glossy green leaves, can grow up to 2.5 meters high. The green leaves turn reddish-purple in autumn and do not fall out until the end of winter, when it gets really cold.

Sycoparrotia resized.png


5. Fatsia Polycarpa "Green Fingers"

The "Green Fingers" comes from Taiwan and gives the garden a real jungle look with its finger-shaped leaves. This plant grows to a maximum of 1.5 to 2 meters and gets cream-colored flowers during the flowering period.

Fatsia resized.png


6. Cornus mas "Jolico"

The Cornus mas "Jolico" is characterized by its large fruits. The fruits are up to 3 cm long and 2 cm wide and have a plum-like taste.

7. Edgeworthia chrysantha "Red Dragon"

The "Grandiflora" grows to a maximum height of 1 to 2 meters and is bush-shaped. The shrub has dark green leaves and yellow, strongly scented, silky flowers appear in February-March.

Edgeworthia resized.png


Of course Hans has several suitable solitaires in his file. Are you curious about the other solitaires for your garden?

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