Shade plants

In the previous blog I wrote about a colorful garden. You can create this, for example, by using flower mixtures or a perennial border. Colorful plants usually need a lot of sun. This is not always feasible in a garden, because there are many shady places due to, for example, buildings. What is the alternative then?

If your garden has many shady places, it is difficult to create a colorful garden. In these places we make combinations of shade plants.

What are shade plants?

Most shade plants do not have a spectacular and colorful bloom, but are often characterized by a beautiful leaf. The leaves consist of different colors and shapes. It is precisely by using leaf contrasts that I can create an interesting shadow border for you!

When is there a shadow garden?

A real shade garden is characterized by the fact that there is only a maximum of 2 to 3 hours of sun per day. When there is 4 hours of sunshine a day, it is referred to as partial shade.

Which plants can be shaded?

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Below are a few random examples of plants for a shady place.

  • Ground cover shade plants
    Blechnum penna marina, Asperula odorata, Asarum europaeum
  • Shrubs
    Sambucus nigra "Lanciniata", Callicarpa quantungensis, Fatsia polycarpa "Green Fingers"
  • Ornamental grasses
    Carex oshimensis "Everlime", Hakonechloa macra, Liriope muscari "Moneymaker"
  • Perennials
    Hosta tardiana "Halcyon", Saruma henry, Athyrium "Lady in Red", Euphorbia amydaloides var. robbiae
Tuin met schaduwplant.JPG
Schaduwplant 1.JPG

A border with shade plants in your garden?

Hans van Horssen selects the right shade plants for your garden.
In addition to good plant selection, soil improvement is very important!
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