Public parks

Planting plan for municipalities

Public green space plays an important role in municipalities. This includes public gardens, parks and public green spaces. It not only plays a role in the appearance of a municipality, but also for the ecosystem. That is why it is important that a solid planting plan is put on the table.

Public green spaces and the ecosystem

Public vegetables provide multiple benefits in terms of ecosystem services. Examples of this are:

  • Living space for flora and fauna;
  • Temperature regulation;
  • Water regulation;
  • Producing oxygen

In addition to these benefits, it is also said to encourage exercise in humans. A park is attractive for walking or running. In addition, some public green areas also provide for the production of wood and food.

Planting plans by Hans van Horssen

Making a planting plan that both preserves biodiversity and is maintenance-friendly is a profession in itself. Hans van Horssen specializes in making planting plans with a natural planting style in which these two facets are reflected.

This can already be seen in the garden designs and planting plans that he draws up. The natural plant style ensures, among other things, more biodiversity in regular gardens, but also for public greenery.

In addition, the garden designs are maintenance-friendly, which saves costs. After all, less staff need to be hired to maintain the public green space.

Advantages of a planting plan for public green by Hans van Horssen:

✓ Conservation of biodiversity
✓ Maintenance-friendly
✓ Cost savings
✓ Experienced in drawing up planting plans for public green spaces

Examples of reference work

Hans van Horssen's qualities have not gone unnoticed by municipalities. For example, he has already been allowed to make several planting plans for different municipalities. Examples of this are a planting plan for the Municipality of Amsterdam and for the Beatrix Park.

To get an idea of ​​the planting plans that Hans can make for municipalities, an example has been added below.

Beatrixpark_Planting Design.JPG
Bloeischema Beatrixpark.JPG

Interested in a planting plan?

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