Positive effects of plants in the garden

Not only beautiful but also valuable

Hans is green in gardens as much as possible. Plants in the garden are not only beautiful but also have various advantages! For example, think of the beautiful autumn colors and the biodiversity in your garden. In this blog we discuss the various benefits of many plants in the garden.

The seasons become visible in the garden

Plants bring many colors with them. You can make it as crazy as you want, and combine as many colors as you want. These colors also change with the different seasons. You can see the beautiful colors during the flowering period in the summer months, but many plants also show beautiful colors in the autumn season.

Get an impression of beautiful autumn colors

More biodiversity

In addition to beautiful colors, you also increase the biodiversity in your garden if you use a lot of plants. For example, flowers attract many bees, butterflies and other insects. This is not only a beautiful sight, you also support the insects. In recent years, there has been a lack of nectar and pollen, which has reduced the bee and butterfly populations. With plants in your garden you can contribute to a healthy living environment for these insects!

Positive effect on drainage

Did you know that a green garden also contributes to good drainage in your garden? This way you limit flooding and in some cases it is even prevented completely.

Besides the puddles on the pavement in a rainy season, pavement also has a negative effect on the temperature in your garden in warmer seasons. Tiles get hot, which quickly increases the temperature in your garden. You can avoid this by using more greenery instead of tiles.

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The trade-off: a green garden or no maintenance

After all these advantages, you will think: are there also disadvantages to plants in the garden? Yes, there is a point of discussion: maintenance. A green garden full of different plants has to be maintained.

Hans can ensure that your garden is arranged in such a way that maintenance is limited. There is always maintenance to the garden; the difference is only in the amount of maintenance.

Curious about how Hans works when making a garden design?

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Would you like to discuss the possibilities for your garden?

Would you like to have more plants in your garden but do not want to have too much maintenance on them? Then spar without obligation with Hans. Hans can tell you enough about the possibilities for your garden so that you can make a good decision between the different options.

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