Organic fertilizers

Optimal growth through organic fertilizers

Before creating a new garden, it is important to perform a soil analysis. Hans van Horssen has an advice drawn up by a DCM soil specialist based on this soil analysis. Hans will work for you on the basis of this advice.

Types of manure

You have several alternatives to fertilize the soil; organic fertilizers, fertilizers and organic mineral fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are 100% natural, fertilizers are made up of chemical substances and organic mineral fertilizers consist of a mix of both. All aim to replenish the soil with substances so that the crops can grow optimally.

Hans van Horssen only uses organic fertilizers. He has the DCM fertilizers in stock so that he can start immediately after fertilization advice.

What is organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer consists of organic fertilizers that are entirely built from natural raw materials. These raw materials are of vegetable or animal origin and are therefore extremely environmentally friendly.
Soil life plays an important role in this type of manure; the raw materials are converted by the soil life into absorbable food for the plant.

DCM fertilizers

A well-known supplier of organic fertilizers is DCM. This is a Belgian supplier of organic fertilizers with extensive experience in soil improvement and fertilizers.



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What are the benefits of organic fertilizer?

Organic manure has many advantages over fertilizer. This not only has to do with the environment, but there are also other factors that provide an advantage over this manure.

  • Long lifespan
    The organic fertilizers ensure a constant and gradual nutrition, so that they have a long life of up to 4 months.
  • Preventing over-fertilization
    The constant and gradual release of nutrients not only ensures that the manure lasts a long time, but also that there will be no question of over-fertilization. The nutrients are only released when the plant needs it.
  • Improvement of the soil structure
    Organic fertilizers increase the microbiological activity in the soil. This makes it more airy, creating a fertile soil.
  • Healthy and strong plants
    The plant develops naturally. Fertilizers have a faster release of nutrients, which can lead to forced growth and make plants more susceptible to diseases and pests. This is not the case with organic fertilizers.

A garden based on organic fertilizers

Hans van Horssen only works with organic fertilizers and on the basis of professional fertilization advice. This only increases the chance of success for the new planting: healthy plants, little to no loss and thus a high level of satisfaction.

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