Online garden design

Due to the (partial) closure of companies, there is a lot of free time. Enough time to consider whether you are still satisfied with your garden. Do you think that your garden could use renewal, but you do not know whether this is sensible because of the Corona measures to have it done now? Hans van Horssen has a solution for that!

An online garden design

The first step for a new garden or adjustments to your current garden is to create a garden design. This is made based on the experience of Hans, the surroundings of the garden and your own wishes and needs.

Passing on your wishes and needs for a new garden or adjustments to your garden is the starting point of your garden design. Hans van Horssen offers the possibility to do this online, so that a contact moment is not always necessary. This is done on the basis of a so-called checklist.

Benefits of a garden design online

✔ No physical appointment required

✔ Simple checklist for your wishes and needs

✔ The garden designer has all the necessary information to make a design



Hellouw 3D de Bruin.jpg

The checklist for your wishes and needs

This consists of various questions to make an inventory of your wishes and needs. The checklist is structured as follows:

  1. Personal information
    The checklist starts with entering personal data. In this way, Hans has the information he needs to contact you and to eventually (possibly) build the garden.

  2. Inventory of wishes and needs
    Hans tries to identify your wishes and needs by means of a number of questions. For example, it is important for him to know what the function of your garden is, what degree of privacy you want and what color flowers you want in your garden.

  3. Information about the garden
    In order to make the most suitable design possible, it is important for Hans to have a number of points clear about the garden. For example, you can indicate which parts of the garden you would like to keep and whether you have any further conditions for the design.

Have your garden designed online?

Would you like to have your garden designed online by Hans van Horssen? Then fill in this checklist! Following the completed checklist, Hans will contact you to make the design of your garden.