Garden tools

Garden tools

"Good tools are half the battle," an old saying, but it still applies to any industry. In this blog we will further discuss the importance of high-quality garden tools and which ones Hans would recommend.

The importance of quality garden tools

The garden needs maintenance every year. In order to carry out this maintenance properly, it is important to use good quality garden tools. It is also important to use quality to ensure that the construction of a garden runs smoothly. This has several advantages:

  • It will last for years
    For good quality garden tools you have to dig a little deeper into the pouch, but on the other hand, these tools last longer than the cheaper, low-quality tools.
  • Security
    The good quality also ensures that safety is guaranteed. That is also a point that should not be forgotten.
  • To deliver quality
    High-quality tools also ensure quality work. And that's not all; work can also be carried out faster. This way you will have earned back the higher purchase price.

Garden tools from Sneeboer

When it comes to garden tools, there is one specific brand that Hans would like to bring to the attention; the garden tools from Sneeboer. This brand has been producing quality tools for over 100 years and is internationally known for the highest quality, stainless steel, hand-forged garden tools used by discerning gardeners.

A wide range of garden tools can be found on the Sneeboer website, including special collections with, for example, seasonal garden tools.

Piet Oudolf Collection

An exclusive set of garden tools is that of the Piet Oudolf Collection. Piet Oudolf is an internationally renowned garden designer. This special set was released together with Jaap Sneeboer.

This set comes in a chic wooden box and contains, in addition to the versatile transplant trowel, a beautiful semi-circular scrape short which is small in size and can therefore transfer a lot of power. As a result, the hoe cuts through weeds without any problems. The Piet Oudolf Collection is engraved on the handle of both tools. To prevent waste, this wooden box can be used as a seed box after using the tools.

Hans works together with the Piet Oudolf Collection in the field of plant photography, among other things.

Piet Oudolf collectie resized.png
Piet Oudolf collectie resized 1.png
Piet Oudolf collectie resized 2.png

Plantservice door Hans van Horssen?

Hans van Horssen kan voor u de benodigde planten uit het tuinontwerp leveren voor in uw tuin. Een aanvullende service die hij daarbij aanbiedt is dat hij de planten samen met u kan inplanten waarbij hij gebruik maakt van het tuingereedschap van Sneeboer. Het kwalitatief goede tuingereedschap in combinatie met zijn expertise zorgt ervoor dat Hans hoge kwaliteit werk levert.

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