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In addition to being a garden designer, Hans van Horssen is also a passionate garden photographer. He likes to set out to capture the most beautiful details of nature reserves and gardens. He likes to share these photos and findings in his lectures.

Hans van Horssen: garden designer and garden photographer

Hans' passion for nature is not only expressed in the design of gardens: he also likes to capture the beauty of nature in images. He also gets his inspiration from nature and explains how he looks at nature during the presentation.

The photos taken have not gone unnoticed: Hans has already won several international photo awards with his garden photography. In the past, he won 4 final Awards during the international photo competition International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY).

Would you like to get an impression of Hans van Horssen's photography? Then take a look at his Facebook page or visit one of his lectures.

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August 4th and 11th: lecture in the theater of Singer Laren

On Wednesday the 4th of August and Wednesday the 11th of August, Hans van Horssen will give a lecture in the theater of Singer Laren. Both lectures start at 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM. The lecture focuses on the dynamic plant style 'Dutch Wave': the garden in all seasons. The main theme in the story is De Vlinderhof. A public garden in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht, a design by Piet Oudolf.

The presentation is supported by many photos and videos in which Hans has captured the Dutch Wave plant style. These images show how beautiful this plant style is during different seasons: beautiful in the summer and also fascinating in the fall.

Do you have any questions afterwards? After his presentation, Hans takes extensive time to answer questions, so that he can fully use his time during the lecture to give an impression of the Dutch Wave.

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About Singer Laren

Singer Laren is a place where arts come together. It consists of a museum, villa, sculpture garden and a theatre. In the museum you can enjoy changing exhibitions from the period 1880-1950, while the freely accessible sculpture garden is decorated with sculptures by contemporary Dutch artists.

The Villa De Wilde Zwanen was built at the beginning of the last century by the American couple Anna and William Singer. They received many artists here, resulting in a beautiful art collection. The museum and theater were added to the villa in 1956.

'In the spirit of the founder, Singer Laren is the place where the arts come together, where we celebrate the arts.' According to museum director Jan Rudolph de Lorm. The art can be admired not only in the museum and in the sculpture garden, but also during lectures, exhibitions and workshops.

Would you like to attend the lecture on the 4th or 11th of August?

Would you like to learn more about the dynamic Dutch Wave plant style? There are still a few tickets available for both lectures. You can buy the tickets via the Singer Laren website.