Garden maintenance

Your garden ready for spring in 8 steps

The snow has disappeared and the temperatures are rising again: after a few cold weeks, it is almost time for spring! No better time to ensure that your garden is fully maintained again so that you can enjoy a well-kept, colorful garden in the spring. Hans tells you how your garden is ready for spring in 8 steps!

  1. Cut off dead plants

    This is one of the first activities that you can (have) carried out in your garden after the winter: cut off and dispose of dead parts of plants above ground. This has advantages. First of all, the top layer is more easily heated by the sun so that the perennials can sprout nicely again, in addition, any flower bulbs are given the space to bloom and the garden looks sleek again!

    Pay close attention to the maintenance of these flower bulbs: they emerge early so that you have the chance to trample them unintentionally.

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  2. Nourishes the soil with organic fertilizers

    After cutting and disposal, it is important to ensure that the plants have enough nutrition. You do this by feeding the soil with organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are 100% natural and therefore environmentally friendly.

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  3. Prune the shrubs and trees

    If necessary, you can prune your shrubs in March. However, there are exceptions for certain shrubs; these should be pruned in summer or autumn. Ask for advice from a gardener!

  4. Clean street work and patio furniture

    After a cold season full of rain and snow, your street work and garden furniture may no longer look tidy, resulting in green deposits. In order to ensure that in addition to the maintained borders, the paving and garden furniture are also ready for spring, it is important to clean them!

  5. Mow the lawn

    The lawn can also use maintenance after the winter. Please note a number of points here. For example, it is important that the temperatures are favorable and that the blades of the lawn mower are razor-sharp. Let the lawn mower run smoothly and do not cut too low right away. After the winter, the grass is stiff and fragile, which can damage it accidentally. Spring is also the time to tidy up the lawn edges. This is done with an edge cutter.

  6. Fertilize the lawn

    Not only plants, but also the lawn must have sufficient nutrition after the winter season. This is therefore also fertilized in March. This is done in the spring with nitrogen fertilizer. Hans uses DCM fertilizers.

  7. Plant new annuals

    From the end of April it is time to plant new annual plants. It is therefore high time to clean the pots and fill them with nutrient-rich soil. Annuals bloom quickly and add color to your garden. Want to know more about annual plants?

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  8. Rejuvenate plants

    Spring is also the ideal time to rejuvenate plants by "tearing" plants. With this technique, plants are harvested and split, with the most healthy part of the plant being replanted.

    Make sure to fertilize the soil well before replanting the plant. Do this by digging well and add DCM Vivimus and DCM Activator to improve the soil.



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Have garden maintenance carried out for the spring?

Are you not interested in maintaining your garden yourself? Have the garden maintenance carried out by the gardener so that your garden is completely ready for spring again. Hans works together with renowned gardeners for maximum results and quality. Knowing more?

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