Garden Lighting

Often an underexposed item in garden design.

The focal point of garden design is not only plant combinations, but also creating a serene atmosphere through the use of garden lights. A complete garden plan consists of a garden design, a well-thought-out planting plan, a lighting design plan and blueprint with the needed materials. In the lighting design plan you can see where the garden lights will be placed and which type of light should be used.

The light design plan

The light design plan must be included in any garden design. Hans will create a perfectly fitting lighting plan based on features of your garden: Which points should be accented and where is lighting unmissable? This will all be added to the light design plan.

Why garden lights?

Lighting in the garden is important on many fronts. Firstly, the atmosphere it creates. Just think of the long summer evenings you can spend in your garden with beautiful lighting: After twilight you will want to have some form of lighting in the garden.

Also, mood lighting in your garden throughout the year will make for a more appealing addition to your home! You can admire your garden, even in the dark, and it creates a safer atmosphere.

And lastly, lighting can also be very functional: Just think of automatic lighting at the garden shed or at steps. These lights are activated whenever you are near with the use of sensors, and will turn off again after a while.

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Types of garden lights

There is a variety of garden lights that can be used outside.

  • Standing fixtures: These standing lights are often used alongside garden paths.
  • Wall fixtures: These can be mounted to the facade of you house.
  • Spots: To accentuate the highlights of your garden.
  • Built in spots: Combined with sensors, these spots can be imbedded into steps.

Hans likes to work with spots for mood lighting. These spots are great to accentuate certain areas of the garden, for instance: a statue, a tree or ornamental grass patches.

Would you like to update your garden?

Would you like to try something different in your garden and would you like to outsource the process to a professional? Feel free to contact Hans. Hans has designed many different gardens, for both private and business uses. Would you like to see his work? Check the portfolio.

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