Flower mixtures

Flower mixtures

Does a colorful garden make you happy? To get this you can have a flower mixture sown in your garden! In this blog we will further elaborate on the concept of flower mixture and points that are important to pay attention to.

What are flower mixtures?

A flower mixture is composed of different types of seeds to create a beautiful colorful flower meadow. These seeds are used according to a specific theme, resulting in different types of flower mixtures. For example, there are flower mixtures for certain colors, but also, for example, to attract certain insects and butterflies.

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When do you sow a flower mixture?

As you know, with plants it is important to consider the season before planting. The best time to plant a flower mixture is between the end of March and the beginning of June. This way you will benefit the most. Flowering will then take place from May to September or October.

Types of flower mixtures

  • Wild flower mixtures

This type of mixture is suitable for larger gardens, so that the flowers have room to grow in the wild, creating a natural look. The height of the flowers varies from 20 to 100 centimeters and after flowering the seeds sow themselves so that you can enjoy a natural mixture of flowers again next year.

  • Native flower mixtures

Native mixtures consist of flower seeds that all come from the Netherlands. These flowers can also be found in Belgium and parts of Germany because flowers do not take national borders into account.

  • Flower mixture for butterflies

There is a special flower mixture to attract butterflies to your garden. The mixture consists of more than 20 kinds of seeds that are very attractive to butterflies and other insects. The height of the flowers varies from 25 to 150 centimeters and these are annual flowers that reseed themselves after flowering.

  • Perennial flower mixtures

This mixture consists of seeds from perennial plants, which means that some flowers start to bloom in the first year and others only in the second year. This way you can enjoy the plants for several years.

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Important factors to watch out for

  • Do not adapt the soil to the plants, but the plants to the soil

This is an important point not to lose sight of. Different soil types are suitable for different flower types. For example, there are certain mixtures that work well on a dry, sandy soil, while other mixtures work better on a clay soil.

  • The place

For example, a flower mixture that works better in the shade should not be placed in a sunny spot.

  • The season

As just mentioned, it is important that a flower mixture is planted between the end of March and the beginning of June.

  • Make sure the soil is well prepared

It is important that the ground is flat and weed free. Weeds can cause a flower mixture to develop less well. And that is of course a shame!

Interested in a flower mixture?

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