Flower bulbs

Flower bulbs

Flower bulbs offer many possibilities. The bulbs are known to many Dutch people, but they still often have the image of "old-fashioned and a lot of maintenance time". The opposite is true! I often use this flower species in my planting plans and should certainly not be missed. In this blog I explain why the flower bulbs should not be missing in your garden!

What are flower bulbs?

Bulbs, tubers and root tubers are covered by the geophytes. Geophytes are characterized by the ability to grow food underground. This allows the flower bulbs to survive in poorer conditions.

In addition, the bulbs have a periodic development: this means that phases of flowering and rest are alternated. The resting phase is an important phase for the flower bulb. During this phase, the flower bud and leaves are created for the following season. The actual development of these parts then takes place during the flowering phase.

Bloei bloembollen resized.jpg

Flower bulbs: beautiful color contrast and maintenance-friendly

The fact that flower bulbs are old-fashioned and that a lot of time is spent on maintenance is long overdue. The bulbs should not be missing in a planting plan because of the beautiful variations that are possible. Think of beautiful color contrasts of the bulbs themselves, but also in combination with other plants.

The bulbs are also maintenance-friendly, so you don't have to spend a lot of time maintaining these plants. However, it is important to keep an eye on when the flower bulbs need to be planted and when they bloom.

When are flower bulbs planted?

As I just mentioned, there are many different flower bulbs. These all bloom at a certain period of the year, so that they can be divided into the following groups:

Spring Flowering Bulbous Plants: These bulbs are planted in the fall and then flower in the spring. So now is the perfect time to plant them. Examples of bulbs that can now be planted are the tulips, daffodils and hyacinths known to many.
Summer Flowering Bulbous Plants: These bulbs are planted in the spring and then flower in the summer. Ideal to give your garden some color in the summer! Examples of these bulbs are lilies, gladiolus and dahlia.

It is important to take these flowering times into account in order to combine the bulbs with other plants in your garden such as ornamental grasses or annuals. I would be happy to help you make a planting plan!

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Flower bulb plan for De Vlinderhof

Together with Edwin Barendrecht I made a flower bulb plan for De Vlinderhof in Utrecht. This is a public garden in Utrecht, designed by the internationally renowned Piet Oudolf. He is known from the Dutch Wave movement.
As a result of the flower bulb plan, more than 20,000 flower bulbs have been planted by volunteers. Quite a job, but with a great result!

View the flower bulb plan, the planting by volunteers and the colorful result below.

Vlinderhof Bollenplan.jpg
Vlinderhof bloembollen plant vrijwilligers.jpg
Bloembollen Vlinderhof.jpg

Planting plan by Hans van Horssen

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