Underappreciated, but valuable plants

Ferns are perennial herbaceous plants that come in many different species throughout Europe. The plants are very valuable, but they do not get the appreciation they deserve. Hans tells you more about the application of these beautiful plants.

Characteristics of Ferns

Ferns are ancient plants. Fossils have even been found from the Devonian, which means that the plants have been around for hundreds of millions of years. Despite the extinction of many shaped ferns, there are still plenty of species left.

Although ferns come in many different species, they all have a fixed structure. For example, a fern generally always consists of an underground rhizome and several leaves, whereby the petiole and the leaf blade are clearly distinguishable. The leaves can be recognized by beautiful leaf contrasts.

Another point that is very characteristic of the ferns is the way of reproduction. A fern does not form seeds, but multiplies by spores. A spore is a single-celled body that can grow into a new organism.

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Hans's favorites

Hans likes to include ferns in his garden designs. He does not call them "beautiful" for nothing, but also as "undervalued". Ferns can be combined very well with other foliage plants such as Hostas, Heucheras or Astilboides.


His favorite ferns are as follows:

  • Dryopteris goldiana

  • Polystichem setiferum "Herrenhausen"

  • Dryopteris wallichiana
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A shady garden?

There are plenty of options to make a shady garden interesting.

You can entrust Hans with the application of shade plants, including many fern species:


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