De Vlinderhof: public garden


Hans van Horssen worked as a volunteer on the planting of De Vlinderhof garden in the Maxima Park in Leidsche Rijn – Utrecht. De Vlinderhof is a public garden which was designed by the internationally renowned Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf.

The dynamic plant style used is known as ‘Dutch Wave’. The garden has a natural look thanks to the use of perennials and ornamental grasses with a natural character.


More than 20,000 bulbs were planted in the autumn of 2014. The geophyte plan for De Vlinderhof was designed by Edwin Barendrecht and Hans van Horssen. Early flowering bulb plants were used to announce the new season and beautiful combinations were formed with early flowering perennials.

If you are interested in the ‘Dutch Wave’ plant style and in De Vlinderhof, come to one of the lectures of Hans van Horssen.

These evenings are filled with beautiful images and explanations about how De Vlinderhof came into being.