Debunking a major misconception about bamboo

When hearing the word bamboo, people often think of aggressively proliferating bamboo species. 95% of the bamboos are indeed proliferating, but this is not the case with the "clump-shaped" Fargesia. That is why Hans likes to use this bamboo in his garden designs. Read more about bamboo in the garden in this blog.

What is bamboo?

The plant species bamboo falls under the grasses. The stems are hollow and contain nodes where leaves are attached. Something that is characteristic of the grasses. The length of the stems can vary from a few centimeters to more than 30 meters high.

Other characteristics of bamboo:

✔ Hardy

✔ Remains green

✔ Creates atmosphere

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Location: kwekerij Kimmei

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The distribution of the bamboo mainly takes place underground. The roots grow underground, so that new stems emerge above the ground. During this process, a distinction can be made between two types of bamboo: the invasive bamboo and the non-invasive bamboo.

Invasive bamboo

The proliferating bamboo is characterized by uncontrolled growth. The roots grow meters below the ground, after which the stems grow above the ground in other places. The bamboo finds its own way, so you have no influence on the growth. This allows the stems to end up anywhere; also in the garden of the neighbors.

However, the proliferating bamboos can be very beautiful and if root limiters are used or these bamboos are in pots or containers, the effect will be magical, in any case setting the atmosphere. Only non-invasive bamboos are used in the garden.

Non-invasive bamboo

In addition to the invasive bamboo, there is also a non-invasive bamboo. This species also multiplies through the new stems that emerge from the roots, only that happens slightly differently with this species. The new stems of the bamboo grow in the shape of a pole: this means that the new stems grow close to the existing stems.

This growth habit makes the non-invasive bamboo species extremely suitable for the garden. A well-known bamboo species for the garden is the Fargesia.

The Fargesia

Hans likes to use the Fargesia in his garden designs. This species is not only characterized by the way of multiplication, but also by the following points:

- Winter hardiness

- Stylish appearance

- Ideal plant for the Dutch garden

The Fargesia has a stylish appearance and also remains beautiful in winter. In addition, this species is ideal for creating a bamboo hedge: this is a way to get more privacy in the house.

Bamboo in your garden?

Hans likes to use bamboo in his garden designs. He works with renowned landscaping companies to ensure that the bamboo is properly implanted. Are you interested in bamboo for your garden? Hans is happy to give you more information!