Autumn colours

Autumn colours

The summer days are slowly coming to an end. The next season is just around the corner: autumn. Despite the bad weather, this season is known for its beautiful colors.

Autumn colours: central to garden design

While making the garden design, Hans focuses on the autumn image. He makes a selection of, among other things, perennials, ornamental grasses and trees that cannot be missed in autumn. By taking this into account, your garden will remain interesting in several seasons.

Trees with a spectacular autumn image

Hans also pays a lot of attention to the autumn image when selecting trees for a planting plan. Trees can have beautiful fall colors, such as the beautiful red and orange leaves in the photos below. A number of trees have a very spectacular autumn image: examples of this are the Liquidambar, Parrotia, Acer and Nyssa.

Herfstkleuren 3.jpg
Herfstkleuren 4.jpg

Combine with ornamental grasses and perennials

Hans often combines the perennials in his garden design with ornamental grasses. Like the trees, some ornamental grasses also take on beautiful fall coloration. Ornamental grasses are ideally suited for a beautiful autumn image.

Not all perennials have a beautiful autumn image. The perennials that do have this are, for example: Amsonia, Darmera, Hosta, Aruncus and Lythrum. Hans likes to use these in his garden designs.

Below you see a number of examples of ornamental grasses combined with perennials.

Herfstkleuren 1.jpg
Herfstkleuren 2.jpg

Enhance fall colors with Asters

Asters are real late bloomers with which you can enhance the beautiful autumn colors. Some Asters even bloom into November, right up to the first frost! The Asters are therefore hardy: however, they are not evergreen.

Do you also want an interesting garden in the fall?

If you are also interested in an interesting garden in the fall, please do not hesitate to contact Hans van Horssen. Hans can then unleash his creative view on your garden and see what the possibilities are.

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