Enjoy flowers with annuals for months

If you are going to build your garden, you want to enjoy the flowers as soon as possible. This is the case with annuals. Annuals are ideal to use between perennials and shrubs. Think of this as a colorful addition to your garden. In this blog we tell you more about the annual plant.

What is an annual plant?

An annual plant, also called an annuel or therophyte, is a plant with a one-year life cycle. That is, the process from germination to seed takes a year; this means that this plant flowers within one year. The annuals are known to bloom extremely profusely and often for a long time. In addition, the flowers bring a lot of color to your garden.

In addition to the annuals, there are also biennial plants. Unlike annuals, these need a growing season before they flower. The process from germination to flowering takes two years in this species.

Types of annuals

There are countless different types, sizes and colors of the annual plant. This allows us to bring a lot of variety to your garden every year. A lot of variation is possible.

A few examples of annuals that I use a lot:

- Salvias in various varieties. My personal favorites!

- Leonotis

- Cleome

- Phytolacca

- Begonia

- Pennisetum


When is it best to buy annuals?

Annual plants are best bought and planted around the end of May. At that time, the chance of night frost is small and space will be made for warm air. Obviously, the best time to purchase an annual plant varies from one plant to another.

However, it does not have to be the case that all annuals no longer bloom after one year. Sometimes it happens that the plant survives a mild winter and will bloom again in the spring.

Interested in annuals?

Are you interested in annuals after reading this blog? Hans van Horssen offers a wide range of plants with his plant service. This also includes annuals.